At MHB Financial Group LLC, we believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to financial planning. Unlike many investment houses or insurance companies that engage in a limited financial review as a precursor to selling pre-packaged financial products, MHB Financial Group LLC fully embraces the unbiased, client-centric financial planning process advocated by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. We apply a multi-disciplinary approach, often in collaboration with your other financial service providers, so that all of your financial resources are working for you in the most efficient manner. Our financial planning process also recognizes that life is fluid, so our plans are constantly monitored, updated, and adjusted to reflect changes in your goals and your life.

One area of expertise that truly distinguishes MHB Financial Group LLC from other companies is our tax practice. Our firm has over 20 years of high-level tax planning experience and our clients enjoy an approach that is focused on minimizing the amount of taxes they pay as opposed to simply producing tax returns. In addition, we recognize that taxes impact almost every major financial issue you may encounter, from wealth transfer issues to business succession concerns to insurance needs. Most CPAs are not trained to engage in the creative tax planning that is necessary to integrate a client’s tax situation with their other financial and legal concerns - at MHB Financial Group LLC, that is our specialty.
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At MHB Financial Group LLC, estate planning involves more than simply minimizing the amount of taxes you pay. It really gets to the heart of the legacy you are trying to leave for your loved ones. Estate planning should reflect your values, your hopes, and your ideals. Most of our clients do not want to leave their heirs a “blank” check; they have definite plans about their money and a purpose behind not only how it is inherited, but also how it is spent.

We spend a lot of time helping our clients articulate and structure an estate plan that reflects their values, their concerns, and their goals. We make sure that our clients understand exactly what their estate plan will, and will not, achieve. We also review our clients' plans to ensure that they reflect changes in goals or circumstances.

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People tend to have very strong opinions about insurance. They either love it or hate it. At MHB Financial Group LLC, we believe that insurance is simply a possible solution to a particular problem. Nothing more, nothing less. However, it has been our experience that people are inappropriately insured - they either have too much or too little.

At MHB Financial Group LLC, we objectively review all of our client’s insurance policies, from auto to home to life to disability to professional liability, by working with a network of insurance experts that are at the top of their respective specialties. We make sure that our clients understand what their insurance policies do, and just as importantly, do not do. Unlike insurance agents, we bring a fiduciary standard of care to our review and recommendations.

At MHB Financial Group LLC, our goal is to take a disciplined approach to managing portfolio risk while optimizing cash flow to meet spending needs. We focus on your total wealth and not just your investable assets. Investments are managed as part of an integrated platform with a client’s particular goals, insurance coverage, business/professional exposure, risk tolerance and tax situation all part of the strategy.

At MHB Financial Group LLC, we believe our product-neutral, total wealth approach provides you with the best chance to meet your financial goals.
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